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Improve the health of your soil with mulch installation. At Bickford Landscaping, our team is trained in the proper application of mulch, so that your flower beds and garden can truly shine. Fully insured, we are ready to help you with all your mulch installation needs in the Capital District of New York.

Mulch is an excellent way to improve the health of your soil, keeping it moist and free from weeds. It also looks great!

At Bickford Landscaping, we can help complete any mulch installation you desire for your property. We pride ourselves on completing each and every job to the best of our capabilities. As such, for each mulch installation, we ensure an even and uniform spread of mulch at about two to three inches deep.

We also never leave a mess behind! With us, you won’t find any stray mulch on your pavement, driveway, or property. Instead, you’ll be left with a nice, clean, and fresh look, enhancing your curb appeal and keeping your soil in tip-top shape so that your plants can thrive. Give us a call today and allow our team to take care of your next mulch project.

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For a typical mulch installation project, three of our trusted crew members will spend about a half day on your property. Before we arrive, we ask that you remove any objects from the garden bed. If possible, please also ensure that there are no vehicles in the driveway for easier and safer access for our crew.

On the day of your mulch installation, our crew will arrive on your property with the mulch. For safety reasons, our team will also set up cones around the truck or trailer if parked on the road.

We start the whole process by weeding and edging the beds, as well as removing any debris.

Then, your garden bed is ready for mulch! Our teams apply two to three inches of mulch to the garden beds. Typically, one team member loads the wheelbarrows, one team member runs the wheelbarrows, and another team member spreads the mulch.

Once the mulch is spread, our team cleans up. All adjacent areas are swept, blown, or raked. One team member will also use a plastic or metal tine rake to smooth out the mulch, giving you that nice finished look.

We ensure top quality by completing a final quality check after each mulch installation, making sure everything looks the way that it should.

Ideally, we look for a nice and uniform spread of mulch, mulch that comes just to the base of the plants without covering the crown or stem, and edges that are cut about three to four inches deep.

All our crews wear proper personal protective equipment during each job. We also encourage water breaks, especially during hot weather.

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Upon your acceptance of our estimate, we usually schedule your mulch installation within one to two weeks.

Payment Details

Depending on the size and scope of each project, residential and commercial mulch installation projects range greatly in price. Usually, the price falls between $450 to $8000, with the average being approximately $1000.

Our Guarantee to You

Our clients’ satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we strive to deliver a “wow” factor on every project our team completes. In the unlikely event that we miss the mark for any reason, we will always make it right by returning to fix any issues in a timely manner.

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Bickford Landscaping, LLC is committed to beautifying properties and providing exceptional customer service across the Capital Region of New York. We are thrilled to serve Albany, Colonie, Latham, Tri-City Area, Watervliet, Cohoes, Troy, Clifton Park, and surrounding areas.

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